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Personal Safe - Home Safe - Office Safe - Night Deposit Safe - Banker Safe - Fire Resistant Safe - Wall Safe - Floor Safe

Mission - Our mission is to provide a peace of mind for our customers for safekeeping their valuables inside our safes. In return the trust given to us is a very important element to keep us passionate about the business that we are in and continuously creating and innovating safer and newer ways to safekeep valuables be it at home, office or even factories.

Personal Safe – Home Safe – Office Safe – Night Deposit Safe – Banker Safe – Fire Resistant Safe – Wall Safe – Floor Safe

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Story - APS Safe started as a modest office equipment dealership in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Just around 40 years ago, Kuala Lumpur is the operation center for every company in Malaysia not to mention government offices too. Electronic banking was not a thing back then and our founder saw the lack of safety equipment to store valuable documents, currency and also personal belongings. We started importing safes from Japan as the industrialization of Malaysia was heavily relying on Japanese companies. The demand grew and we even imported safes from other parts of the world and slowly evolved from a general office equipment dealership to a specialized store for safety vaults. As time goes by, the demand for safety box has spread even to home users. Demanding the similar standards from a safety box that protects their valuables in their office to be made available at the comfort and privacy at their home. Through time there were more demand coming from many other sectors who demands for personal safety equipment such as safes. Our imports were then limited by choices back then as most of the designs were heavily curated for commercial sectors. There weren’t many designs that was made specifically for home users. Thus, our founder decided to create the brand we see today which is APS Safe. We were operating from a humble light industry factory around Gombak area and quickly move to Subang due to limitation of size and production capacity within 10 years of its inception. Fast forward to current era, APS is now operating all its production, R&D, warehousing in a 57,000 square feet plant in Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. Being an industry player that is constantly innovating the way safes are made traditionally to something more suited for current generation. We invested in a full powder coating paint line system to keep up with the constant demand for newer production method and thus relieving the reliance on a traditional hand painted method. APS is also the only company in Malaysia that uses powder coating system for finishing. Boasting an 800 feet length powder coating machine. You can be very certain the quality of our finishing is consistent to your expectation. We stand firm to our roots growing from a consumer market product. We would also like to thank our customers who has given us much feedback for our improvements and brought us to where we are today and will always have an ear to keep our products relevant for generations to come.


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